ChemDiv shares an update on its Cutting-edge Biology Facility in Portugal

ChemDiv Inc., a global contract research organization, has shared an update on the development of its cutting-edge biology facility at Biocant Park, Cantanhede, Portugal. Since it was established in 2022, the laboratory has expanded its capabilities and is now contributing to ChemDiv’s drug discovery and development solutions. The 3000 square meter facility is equipped with advanced technologies that offer a range of services, including assay development, high-throughput screening, hit identification and profiling, pharmacology, and discovery biology. Collaboration with clients is paramount, with the facility offering flexibility and customized services to meet specific requirements.

ChemDiv’s cutting-edge biology facility also contains an expert team of scientists who specialize in various aspects of drug discovery, such as assay development, high-throughput screening, pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry. They collaborate closely with clients to deliver high-quality data and rapid results. In addition to this, ChemDiv provides clients access to its vast compound collection of over one million compounds to support their drug discovery projects.

Quality and data integrity are important at the facility. To that end, they have implemented rigorous quality control measures and monitoring procedures to ensure data accuracy.

In summary, ChemDiv’s biology facility in Portugal is progressing excellently as it continues to expand its technology, expertise, innovation, and collaboration with clients in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.