Custom chemistry. Chemistry FTE. Resynthesis.

Chemistry can be a complex subject, and sometimes the available commercial chemical solutions do not fit your needs. When this happens, custom chemistry solutions are the answer. In this blog, we will explore the key points of custom chemistry solutions, including the Chemistry FTE and Resynthesis.

Key Points:

  1. Custom Chemistry Solutions
  2. Chemistry FTE
  3. Resynthesis

Custom Chemistry Solutions

Custom chemistry solutions refer to the development of chemicals, compounds, or materials specifically designed to meet the unique needs and specifications of a particular application. The custom chemicals can be developed using various techniques, synthesis approaches, and analytical methods depending on the end-user’s requirements, including batch size, purity level, and analytical standards. Custom chemistry solutions can save a considerable amount of time and effort versus trying to modify commercially available products or developing a chemical from scratch.

Chemistry FTE

Chemistry Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) is a term describing the availability of a chemist to work on bespoke projects for a customer on a full-time basis. The customer pays the salary and benefits for a dedicated chemist, and the chemist works only on projects for that customer. This approach provides a more direct relationship with the customer, a greater depth of knowledge of the customer’s product and requirements, and shorter project development time than traditional outsourcing companies can match.


Resynthesis is the process of recreating or re-engineering an existing chemical. It is used to solve issues related to product quality, quantity, performance, or cost, as well as to comply with changing regulations. A good example of this application is the reformulation of drugs. When a drug goes off-patent, its formula can become public knowledge, allowing other companies to produce generic copies. If the original drug company wants to retain exclusivity, they can use resynthesis to tweak the drug’s formulation slightly, preventing the copycats from obtaining the same performance and quality as the original.

In conclusion, custom chemistry solutions provide an answer to the limitations of commercially available chemicals. By utilizing the services of a Chemistry FTE and resynthesis techniques, clients can get chemicals developed and re-engineered to their exact specifications and standards, providing the best solution for their unique requirements.